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Minor Surgery

A Range Of Minor Surgical Interventions Are Available

Minor Surgery at GMC.

Goonellabah Medical Centre has two operating theatres fully equipped for minor surgical procedures. Our dedicated team adheres to stringent rules and regulations to ensure the highest standards of sterility and safety. The doctors at GMC offer a range of minor surgical interventions. These might include biopsies and removal of skin lesions, insertion and removal of contraceptive devices, and other procedures.

The doctors at GMC are trained with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform these procedures with utmost care and attention to detail. Whether it’s a biopsy to assess a suspicious skin lesion or the insertion/removal  of a contraceptive device, we prioritize your comfort, wellbeing, and optimal outcomes.

At GMC we are follow infection prevention and control guidelines. Our commitment to best practice ensures that you receive safe and effective care during your minor surgical procedure. 

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To discuss your need for a surgical procedure, make an appointment with your doctor for an assessment. Schedule an appointment with your GP  by calling 02 6625 0000 .  

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