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Flu Vaccinations

Protecting You and Our Community

Flu Vaccinations in Goonellabah.

New flu vaccinations are produced every year. Usually these vaccinations become available around March-May each year. Contact us at GMC to find out about current availability.

Free vaccination available for high risk groups. Changes to the program include flu vaccines for children and a special high dose formulation for those aged over 65.

What are Flu Vacccinations?

Enhanced Immunity: Flu vaccinations bolster your immune system against specific strains of the influenza virus. By building immunity, you reduce the risk of contracting the flu and experiencing its associated complications.

Reduced Flu Symptoms: In the event that you do contract the flu, receiving the vaccine can often result in milder symptoms and a shorter duration of illness. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with pre-existing health conditions or weakened immune systems.

Protection for High-Risk Groups: Certain individuals, such as young children, the elderly, pregnant women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and others with chronic health conditions, are at a higher risk of severe flu complications. Flu vaccinations provide vital protection for these vulnerable groups, reducing the likelihood of severe illness or hospitalisation.

Preventing Community Spread: Getting vaccinated against the flu not only safeguards your own health but also helps prevent the spread of the virus within our community. By getting vaccinated, you contribute to creating a healthier environment for everyone.

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