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Men’s health is an integral specialty within general practice, recognizing the unique health concerns and needs of men at different stages of life. At Goonellabah Medical Centre, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and tailored care specifically designed for men’s health issues. We respect and honor that some men prefer to consult with a male doctor for these matters, and we offer a diverse team of healthcare professionals to cater to individual preferences.

The decision to consult with a particular doctor is entirely individual, and we believe in supporting men to choose the healthcare provider they feel most comfortable with. Your doctor of choice will  bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to address a range of men’s health conditions, including prostate health, sexual health, and hormonal imbalances. They create a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can openly discuss your concerns and receive personalized advice.

In addition to addressing physical health concerns, we recognize that mental health plays a significant role in overall wellbeing. Issues such as depression and anxiety are often underlying but significant problems for men. Our medical team is trained to understand and support the unique mental health challenges faced by men. 

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